IDEO Labs » Taking a bite out of Apple


(BY KARA JOHNSON) A few months ago, Martin and I were in New York doing the final photo shoot for I Miss My Pencil with Nicolas Zurcher. One of our tasks for that week was to create photography for each of the 3 chapter title pages: aisthetika, punk manufacturing, love + fetish.

We dipped a teddy bear in black latex (love + fetish). We wrote graffiti on a brick wall with yarn (punk manufacturing). For aisthetika, we wanted to represent the idea that objects we see everyday can be part of a multi-sensorial experience…even if it’s unexpected or just plain weird.

We immediately called Andre Yousefi (our master prototyper) and the guys in the IDEO shop. They’re up for anything, and it was not at all hard to convince them to find an old Mac laptop and cut off one corner and ship it to us in the New York office.

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