Designing for improvisation – Bobulate

… In the spring of 1959, seven musicians got together, some for the first time. When they arrived that day, each received a slip of paper with rough markings on it. Miles Davis, the organizer, had just handed them a little piece of history. You see, with this gesture, Miles Davis introduced something called modal jazz — a way of approaching improvisation unlike what had been seen before. In contrast to the complex chord progressions of the preceding years, modal jazz was simple. It was a mode, a scale, a framework.

Frameworks for improvisation

Instead of the control coming from the composer (read: the designer), modal jazz promotes a sense of discovery. It doesn’t reveal everything; it holds back in order to let go. This loose framework, then, gives way to co-creation. …

“The audience is no longer just a spectator; the designer no longer the only creator.”

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