Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies

“Observers viewed the movie at top left while fixating on a central dot. The averaged high posterior (AHP) reconstructions are shown at left (see main text and Figure S2) for all three subjects S1, S2, and S3. The movies at right are the seven clips with the highest posterior probability, shown in order from most (left) to least (right) probable. The leftmost clip in this group is the MAP reconstruction, the single clip from the sampled prior that had the highest posterior probability. Note that all clips in the reconstructions are updated at 1 Hz, the BOLD signal sampling rate. The AHP reconstructions recover both the structure of the scenes and smooth changes over time (for example, see the spreading of the inkblot and the elephants moving across the scene).”

the freaking future is now – again…

FRITZ KAHN – MASCHINE MENSCH / MAN MACHINE / wonderful info graphics from the early 20 century.


Biologie des Bratendufts (1926) (Biology of the smell of roasted meat)

check out his other graphics – probably best to buy the new book (

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Smart vending machines in the streets show that Big Brother is being naturally accepted in a pixel consuming society.


“At Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station visitors can now select beverages from a 47-inch touch panel.

An embedded camera will recognize your gender and age, allowing the machine to recommend a beverage suitable to whatever stereotype is attached to your particular circumstances. It will store your purchasing history too, so you can be freaked out by tailored ads every time you use it. 500 more of these units are planned to be installed in and around Tokyo over the next two years, with operating company JR East expecting them to tally up 30 percent more sales than their analog brethren.”

And then folks in Germany seriously talk about Google Street View…

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Super Mario Bros. by Andreas Heikaus. Nice matching of CG elements into live-action footage.

“… The Super Mario Bros. game, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is not longer bound to the television size and get interactive with a new environment. … ”

Nice one!