Not that great TED-Talk from the future: Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world (by Ridley Scott)

The good thing about fiction is that it reminds us that we still create the now and the future. Scott’s (and hey, I’m a big fan) melodramatic and not-very-well-visionized setting (all you see is here today) makes me look forward to a movie that I will enjoy, but that most likely won’t ask new questions and may provide no answers at all. This is still up to us…

UPDATE: well, maybe I’ll REALLY will enjoy this movie… (…)

Alex Bogusky’s blog: The first Cannes Lion for not advertising at all

“… So my hope for the 2011 Cannes Crystal award is some brilliant agency works with their client to pull all the advertising to children and takes home the Cannes Crystal Grand Prix Lion in the inaugural year. And that would be the end of that. Because as soon as you can win an award for it, we ad folk are all over that shit. …”

nice one…

Buy shares in the Shell ad from Amnesty UK: £10 = 1cm2


“…When shareholders meet for Shell’s AGM on 18 May, you can bet there will be a lot of talk about their $9.8 billion profits. Less talked about will be the human cost of their activities in the Niger Delta – such as the 23 million people drinking poisoned water.

So let’s get the message across. We want to buy a full page advert in a national newspaper to tell shareholders the shameful truth about Shell. …”

Donate now.

Lend Your Facebook To Africa, Tell An Untold Story – PSFK – Great idea.


“…Recently, BBH London teamed up with AMREF (the African Medical Research Foundation) to use others’ social media networks as a tool for storytelling—introducing a new methodology to the idea of identity politics and untold global insight. …”

read all about it at…

I’ll give it a try.

via @VizeumCph – thanks for sharing!

The zero rupee note: a statement against bribery. Awesome idea.


The zero currency note in a country’s currency is a tool to help to achive the goal of zero corruption. The note is a way for any human being to say NO to corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with persons in authority.

Next time someone asks you for a bribe, just take your country’s zero currency note and hand it to them. This will let the other person know that you refuse to give or take any money in order to perform services required by law or to give or take money to do something illegal.

read all about it here:

and here

Thanks Max Niederhofer for pointing me to it!

Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt in the Stanford Social Innovation Review

“…Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the look and functionality of products. Recently, they have begun using design tools to tackle more complex problems, such as finding ways to provide low-cost healthcare throughout the world. Businesses were first to embrace this new approach—called design thinking—now nonprofits are beginning to adopt it too. …” 

read the article here:

New film about the Ripple Effect in India, by IDEO and Acumen Fund

The Ripple Effect project is a collaboration between IDEO, Acumen Fund, and organizations in India and Kenya to improve access to safe drinking water for over 500,000 of the world’s poorest and underserved people. This 7-minute video shows the Ripple Effect project in India, working with 5 Indian organizations to pilot new product, service, and business ideas.

Learn more here:

A Lens on Obesity, a Short Documentary