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Buy shares in the Shell ad from Amnesty UK: £10 = 1cm2


“…When shareholders meet for Shell’s AGM on 18 May, you can bet there will be a lot of talk about their $9.8 billion profits. Less talked about will be the human cost of their activities in the Niger Delta – such as the 23 million people drinking poisoned water.

So let’s get the message across. We want to buy a full page advert in a national newspaper to tell shareholders the shameful truth about Shell. …”

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The Living Climate Change Video Challenge


The Living Climate Change Video Challenge invites you to show us your vision of a future shaped by climate change, as we move along the path toward reduced carbon emissions.

Create an original video that envisions how climate change will impact our lives over the next 20 to 30 years. Looking beyond the doom and gloom and the policy discussions that have dominated the debate, how would you envision a human-centered, sustainable future? Which behaviors will change? Which will be preserved?

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New Story from Living Climate Change | Producing Consumers + Carbon-neutral Travel | Szenario 1 of 2

“…Ahoy, Cool Consumption Yachts! Step aboard the Transrapid Party Train! And get ready for the future of travel, brought to you by the IDEO Munich team, who decided to focus their video sketch on a family grappling with climate change by way of everyday decisions, such as how to spend money (or carbon credits) and where (and how) to travel, with the least amount of environmental harm. …”

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The IDEO New York team believes in “a NYC without trash.” Their cinematic piece, the latest addition to IDEO’s climate change portfolio, targets waste as an area of exploration. They say, “When most people consider the environmental impact of trash, steamy landfills or smoky incinerators come to mind. The reality is that these are merely endpoints of a much larger system.” Are you willing to align your behaviors with a system that’s willing to support a no-waste future?

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